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I worked for over 26 years in the Cosmetic, Skin Care industry. I gained valuable knowledge about Skin Care and What the BIG cosmetic companies Want women to know. Sadly there was little training about the ingredients. We were however trained extremely well on what it does, how to use it, and how to sell it. Think for a moment how do cosmetic Companies keep Skin care products on the shelves for extended Periods of time. The answer is Parabens:(Synthetic Preservatives). 


I enjoyedmany years working with some of the most beautiful women. Many of my fellow workers and customers have become life long friends. 


After leaving that Industry, to homeschool our son, Zack, I began to pray about what my next adventure might be. I felt very impressed to do what I have always done, Skin Care. I knew I was not to go back, but move forward. My Desire was to continue helping women look their very best. I began looking at the very ingredients in some of the products I had been selling. In a very short time I found myself searching, buying and mixing Natural Ingredients to get the same results as high end skin care that is Effective, Affordable, Safe to use, Paraben Free, environment and animal friendly. 


Skin is the largest organ in our body. It has the ability to absorb what we put on it. It just makes perfect since to me to use products that do not contain Synthetic Ingredients. 


Skin Care should start by being healthy. Natural ingredients vibrate with energy. They have the ability to restore balance, therefore they have an important role. When it comes to looking your very best why not choose products that compliment creation plus have the same benefits of anti-age without any harmful side effects.


We offer the best Vegan, Organic, & Natural Products. Healthy skin looks beautiful. Every Women deserves to look her very best. 

Love you're skin 'Beautiful". 


Teresa Sanders

Founder / CEO

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